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This design was created for Workout Influcener by the name of (kungfitpanda214), he is a big fan of the anime Chainsaw man. This amazing influcener can be found by clicking the link below, also use his promo code below for discount on his products.




(kungfitpanda214) IG


(kungfitpanda214) Twitch


Promo code:



Strike&Keo Tees uses a special INK INFUSED and Sublimation method that only works on light colored garments, when it comes to muility color designs



1.) white

2.) ash gray

3.) natural

4.) light blue

and other light colored garments



Once product is paid for, the proccess of making the item begins during work hours 10am-8pm and shipped out either same day or next day. We will send emails updating     
 you when the product is done and shipped. 

We also use Gildan crewneck/fruit of a loon crewneck shirts depending on what we have in stock




Gildan Activewear Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of branded clothing, including undecorated blank activewear such as t-shirts, sport shirts and fleeces, which are subsequently decorated by screen printing companies with designs and logo


Fruit Of The Loom:


Fruit of the Loom's products are made of cloth. A loom is a piece of equipment for weaving cloth.

Chainsaw Man designed for influencer (kungfitpanda214)

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